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APMS (Advanced Planned Maintenance System) is a software application that efficiently monitors, manages, and plans the maintenance of each vessel. Proper maintenance of onboard machinery ensures smoother operation, better logistic control, and reduced breakdown costs. APMS offers a cost-effective way to plan and schedule regular maintenance, outline correct work procedures, and maintain inventory for optimal store on board - which all helps maximize earnings for the ship owners. It also has provisions for budget allocation, full requisition to purchase process along with exhaustive graphical reporting and dashboard.

APMS Dashboard: Detail View

Vessel: Job Planning

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How beneficial is it?
  • Help in taking more factual and quicker decisions
  • Create more space for maritime managers and leaders to assist in optimizing and utilizing resources for optimal maintenance of the vessels in time
  • Increased productivity
  • Value added quality information and business intelligence
  • Direct impact on bottom line by optimizing costly maintenance
  • Success with satisfaction
The Solution You Need
  • Better allocation of resources: collecting data on spare parts and maintenance jobs has economic advantages in terms of inventory management and planning; allocate resource with greater efficiency when maintenance data is available for purchasing decisions and budget planning
  • Save time: automatic migration of updated data from the vessel into the central database saves time and reduces communication costs as no human intervention is needed


  • Easier analysis: the system is risk and cost integrated: it checks equipment, activity, and personnel risks and quantifies the cost of these activities in financial calculations. This provides users with a powerful tool for analyzing and comparing operations
  • Ensures quality: having the APMS on board is an essential part of the Quality Management System (QMS) as the whole process of maintaining a vessel is handled on a single, integrated platform. The application is also in compliance with the Interna┬Čtional Safety Management (ISM) Code
  • Better evaluations and estimation: all work histories are stored and easily retrieved. This data can be used for risk and performance evaluations, and will offer ship owners an increasingly accurate description of ship cost/maintenance structures
Advance PMS
  • Risk-based and cost based job evaluation
  • Obtain various data: man-hours spent, riding team, shore support team, and man-hours used
  • International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) and non-IMPA list integrated in the application

  • Real-time tracking of stores and inventory
  • Requisition raising processes and purchase
  • MIS reports with business intelligence and graphical dashboard