Document Management System
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Document Management System is a web based online document management application which can store documents in editable and non-editable formats with ability for work flow processes for a paperless office. It can also be used by shipping companies on board vessels. The ship and shore-staff could have ready access to updated changes in manuals and a procedure, so adopting an online management system is imperative. This software features the newest technologies and has an intuitive interface.

Document viewing mode

Editable document view


How beneficial is it?
  • Access-determined privileges in LAN and VPN too
  • CReal-time data: It stores documentation on a server and provides viewership and management of the documents to users
  • Multi mode data exchange between master & slave server is available, like email attachments, external storage (CD/USB drive)
  • Version Control: Tracking changes made by various users ensures a good overview of new updates and makes it easier to keep track of changes during upgrades
  • Compatible with any file format: PDF, MS OFFICE, JPG, PNG, GIF, and Text
  • Search Functionality: The application has multilevel and multi format search capabilities of files/file contents. PDF content search, HTML content search & both.

Search and view

The Solution You Need
  • FILES/FOLDER: Uploading files like MS Office, PDF, picture files; Creating an editable file (HTML format: creation tools, formatting, header insertion); File view (Individual/ Consolidated); Search (HTML/ PDF); Updating/ Editing files (HTML); Re-arranging files
  • AUDIT CONTROL: History view of amendments or changes User Activity log (Admin & General)
  • TOOLS: User Mgmt; Image Master for icons/ contents; Bookmarking; Print Preview/ Printing
  • ACCESS CONTROL & PERMISSION: The system has very strict and simple access privilege control mechanism by which proper document control and access is enabled to different type or individual and group users.
  • ARCHITECTURE: Client-server; master-slave server
Document Management
  • Document viewing and Easy printing options
  • Folders and sub folders creation, deletion and movement
  • Easy navigation

  • Search functionality
  • Document control, amending and versioning
  • Editable and non-editable document formats
  • Preserving Documents and archiving