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The changing paradigm in maritime sector demands faster, factual and multi-dimensional decisions. To assist maritime managers and leaders to take decision with insight, EMIS will play a vital role. In core it helps in changing data to business intelligence, and in surface showing those in more graphical forms. Picture speaks thousand words and EMIS truly justifies this statement. In rapidly changing maritime market segment, the business drivers change fast. It is imperative to analyze the data with different dimension and EMIS helps the user to analyze the data as per user set parameters and which can be further drilled down as required. What if scenarios, pivoting & more data functions, no more requires highly trained computer specialists. EMIS brings those functionalities to the realm of users who may not be very computer savvy. Interactive, user-driven, customizable are three corner stones for EMIS. In a nutshell, it can be said that EMIS is truly a next generation of business driving solution.

Create / Edit Dynamic forms

Analysis and Derived Column


How beneficial is it?
  • Help in taking more factual and quicker decisions
  • Create more space for maritime managers and leaders to focus on core business and not wasting time in non core activities
  • Increased productivity
  • Value added quality information and business intelligence
  • Direct impact on bottom line
  • Success with satisfaction
The Solution You Need
  • Proactive alerts, multidimensional analysis, graphical interface and 360 degree view of maritime business drivers in a single page will help any manager to take more informed decision. Grass-root level data collated, sanitized and extracted to create business widgets.
  • Creation and management of widgets are user controlled.
  • Query analyzer, derived column and interactive data analysis is a strong tool for top level managers.

  • Certificates, forms, jobs, consumption, speed and other vital functionalities can be analyzed as per user requirements.
  • Form engine is a unique feature by which dynamically a form template can be created and sent across the fleet for future data collection within the system.
  • Automated feature in data communication helps in eradicating human error in data management.
  • In a nutshell the era of data collection and representation is over and new era of application of data in business is in. EMIS is a true application in this direction.
Emis Management
  • 360 degree view of entire business in graphical form with various graphs
  • Quick scenario analysis
  • Quick query generation with easy, interactive and simplified work-flow processes

  • Co-relation of different maritime drivers
  • Intuitive drill down functionalities
  • Proactive alerts